The Himalayan Cafe
Owner, Makar Jang Rai
Owner, Makar Jang Rai


From TripAdvisor Member Review
Eureka, California

I often travel between Eureka and San Francisco on 101 and am so pleased to share the discovery of an amazing restaurant in Ukiah, California. It's called the Himalayan Café and is a wonderful authentic East Indian dining experience. It's run by Makar Rai who, along with his staff, is from Nepal. The food is so wonderful and authentic. The service and "vibe" of the place is just right. Everything is home-made including the great sauces and condiments. You must try the homemade bread, called naan (go for the garlic naan). Other mosts include the traditional curries (chicken, lamb), the eggplant (smoky and so delicious), the saag paneer (spinach with home-made cheese), paneer dilruba (amazing tomato sauce and cheese), try the somas, the mo-mos—oh-my-gosh—just try everything! On Fridays there is live music at night and Saturdays they have belly dancing! Luncheon specials are a great deal. (Veg and non-veg with large vegetarian menu.)

Yelp Review by Laura E. of San Francisco

Ok, so I'm finally popping my Yelp cherry. And the lucky winner is. . .drum roll please... a delightful little hole-in-the-wall in hippiland. The owner of this Indian-style café was incredibly friendly and herd working.

When my husband and I first got there, no one greeted us at the door. So we just made ourselves comfortable at the table. The owner finally popped out from behind a red curtain a few minutes later and we soon realized that on a slow Monday night he was almost single-handedly running the place.

The vegetarian dishes we ordered came out fast. Our favorite was the fire-roasted eggplant house special. Unfortunately, we had to order mild because my hubby's stomach was feeling queasy. But I am sure that the owner can satisfy those who like it hot. If you have any doubt, just check out the trophy he won for spiciest chili in the local cook-off competition.

I was going to tell you about the complementary rice pudding (the owner must have been feeling generous that night), but I was told that it might set off a Seinfeld-like demand for free rice pudding and the owner would come after us and say, "What were you thinking? I've been forced to give away so much free pudding that I'm going out of business because of you."


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